Welcome to the Bronzeville Chamber Of Commerce

Today, we have organized that missing element to fulfill the Unifying voice of community for the endogenous businesses, community Leaders, institutions and other interested parties.
As an institution, the Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce (BVCC) is a community builder.

- Johnnie Blair President/ Founder

New sponsors
We are proud to introduce our new sponsor, Tjällden AB. They are producing materials for the construction industry and is a leading provider in Sweden Scandinavia. Read more at www.tjallden.se.

We believe in networking in the modern times with modern measures. Therefore we believe that internet can change how we interact. Meet us in facebook, twitter and more channels to come. We are all proud to be involved for the best of Bronzeville community and will do our best to make this period in history a success for the same.

Why should you as company join the Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce?

- We can help you Networking & Marketing your products and services
- We often do Member Business Referrals. Someone within the network has a need and someone else provides services for that need.
- Image Enhancement
- For companies who needs political advocacy
- Community Involvement
- Information Access
- Heightened Credibility Member to
- Member Discount